8 Tips to Mindful Work

Mindful work is a term that is gaining popularity as we try to deal with the struggles of modern work environments. We all know what we do for a living, some of us work for ourselves, some of us work for others, some of us work part time, some of us work full time and some of us volunteer.

The list of ways we can work is extensive and with technology being commonplace in most forms of work, there’s even more pressure on us to be productive. We have created a list of 8 tips which might help you work more mindfully. We’d love to hear your thoughts!


There was another topic on this forum about how to meditate at work. I like the tips.


Thanks @Aleks1980, we are so happy you like the tips!


great with start


Thank you @Pawan_kumar_gupta!

This is an interesting discussion. One thing that I struggle with is how the way we do work is become less and less conducive to mindfulness. For example, I personally cannot stand Slack. If I deactivate notifications, I miss important last minute meetings or other information that gets immediately buried and is hard to revisit. If I activate notifications, I get a stream of distracting gifs while I’m trying to focus. but it seems to be the way the world is going now.

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@daisy I had the same issue with Slack, you can make it work for you. It’s important that only crucial information is communicated using @ username, @ here or @ channel. This should be a process implemented quite early on in an organisation. Mute or leave any channels you rarely use or you’re rarely mentioned in. Don’t feel bad abut leaving channels like #random if you find them too distracting. You can also snooze notifications, I hope this helps. There’s more information here.

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Good article.

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