Would i be able to develop my own app and build it on my phone?

Hey there, im planning on buying a Mudita Pure, but i would like to know beforehand if it will be possible to (using the opensource code) build my own app or tweak something locally on my phone and build it on it and run.

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You should be able if you build it from the base. Then you can flash via Balena

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@santa_palta This is an interesting concept. I will pass this on to our devs & ask @Bartosz_sp2fet to comment on this.

In theory - of course!
In practice - we have to develop the process of allowing users to flash their own software. We’re already focusing on the 1.3.0 release of MuditaOS thus we don’t have enough space to do so, but it should be possible via the updater - the user could build the update package and update the phone using a script.
Saying so - possible, but we need a bit of time to prepare it :wink: