Work/life balance

Achieving a good work-life balance even while working remotely can be challenging.
What are some of the ways YOU find equilibrium between your personal life and your career?

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My suggestion is to make a schedule and stick to it. When to stop, when to take a break when to grab a coffee, when to go for a walk. Start a timer with an alarm if necessary. If you have the luxury with a separate office at home, close the door and leave the computer and phone IN the office when its time for a break.
I find it useful to try to react to and think about what I hear and see when I take a walk. Otherwise my thoughts will be stuck at work. Then it just becomes a physical exercise, no rest for the mind.


The phrase “work/life balance” – which I have used often – no longer makes sense to me.

Life is FULL of work: discarding the trash; washing the dishes; making the bed; balancing the budget; …and on it goes.

I like the distinction that @urszula made in her question: career vs. personal life.

I might put a finer point on the distinction: career hours vs. non-career hours.

My answer to the equilibrium question then becomes this:

  • As best as I can throughout each week, I guard my non-career hours from career activities, and I guard my career hours from non-career activities.