Will there be NFC

Now that Corona Virus has brought the premature end of cash and moved us into a tap-to-pay society, I wondered what Mudita were doing to address this rapid shift.

I am looking to a non-connected phone, but at the same time I don’t want to simplify my life only to complicate it by then having to remember to bring a credit/debit card out with me, which is something I haven’t done for a couple of years now.

It would be wonderful if Mudita could ensure we are covered for NFC somehow.


I agree that having NFC would be convenient, but it does not seem that will be an included feature. While not a very elegant solution, perhaps there is some NFC sticker that will work. e.g. Cashcloud has such a product, thus I suspect there may be others.

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Paul, Daniel, thank you for comments!

There will be no NFC in Mudita Pure. NFC itself is not enough for payments, because we would also need a so-called “Secure Enclave” chip (hardware) and what’s more complex - agreements with banks (expensive!) etc. It’s a very long and tough process, unless we partner up with a bigger player like for example Garmin (Garmin Pay).

Enabling payments in Mudita products is something we are thinking about a lot, but it won’t be available for current version of Mudita Pure.

Have a great week!


Google/Apple pay enables non NFC cards to be used with NFC, but all of the new cards have NFC; so it only makes sense to have an NFC enabled phone if your phone is always in your hand =)
The second reason that it would be a dumb idea is that new digital currencies are being created and we don’t know what the new payment system is going to look like.