Will Mudita electron app work on Apple M1-chip?

just read this…

And I wonder - will the Mudita electron application for Pure work on Apple M1 MacBooks? Seems like you have to make two different versions…?

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No ALL MacOS apps work on M1 macs no need to make 2 versions apple made a compatability layer called rosetta 2
Rosetta 2 takes the commands being issued from Intel-based apps and automatically translates them into ARM commands. This allows the M1 to run x86 apps. You don’t lose the apps you love and Apple doesn’t have to sacrifice its decision to switch to ARM. And for thise making new apps there is this We already know what Rosetta 2 is, so let’s jump into Universal 2. Universal 2 is a service on Mac (specifically in Xcode 12) that allows developers to compile code for x86 and ARM architectures. For laypeople, this just means that when developers export a program they’re working on, they can export it in a format that is readable by Intel and M1 chips.
So basically Apple made is super simple and easy and consumers dont have to worry about a thing it all happens magically behind the scenes and also M1 macs can also run iPad apps Installing and Running iOS Apps on Mac

1. Download from the Apple App Store

The most straightforward method to run iOS apps on a Mac is to install them from the Apple Mac App Store.

1. To do that, just head over to the App Store, type the iOS app name that you want to install, and hit Return.

So if you have a M1 mac you can run legacy intel mac apps M1 mac apps and iPad apps all on the same laptop or desktop


Ok, sounds good, thanks!

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I read another thread about ARM support and got confused… maybe native arm support is required? Can someone with access to the developer version of mudita center try this?

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@abc123 Maybe @Wojciech_Cichon can help with this?

I’m on a M1 Mac and I just downloaded Mudita Center and can confirm that it started without doing anything special. I obviously don’t have my Pure yet so can’t confirm it works all the way but I’m guessing it will run without any problem since it can start just fine.


I run Mudita Center with Mudita Pure on Mac M1 and it works fine!