Why would anyone choose a classic phone over a smartphone?

I use my iPhone all the time, I don’t understand how I’d get around without it.


Smartphones brought a major change into our lives and society. They’ve influenced the way we communicate, exchange knowledge and spend our time. In both, positive and negative ways. More people are noticing how easy it is to become addicted to our devices and how they’ve started to influence our relationships, focus, productivity or health. Many of us find it hard to resist the urge to constantly use our phones. The ones most at risk and the easiest to target are children. It’s now common for schools to forbid smartphones when they noticed that overuse started to influence not only grades but also the ability to socialize and connect with others.

A classic phone without an internet connection can be a radical change or a partial replacement for a smartphone, it can help to develop a more conscious and intentional use of devices.


Sometimes I wish I could go back to using my 3310!
I probably spend too much time on my smartphone really. :sweat_smile:


Same! I open my phone and scroll through Facebook without even thinking, it’s a huge waste of time. Have you tried a digital detox? I’ve tried deleting social media apps from my phone.


For many reasons actually! I really like not having a smartphone when travelling! NO-positing on Instagram while seeing new places and meeting new people is just amazing! I tried it for 10 day trip through Croatia. Friends I travelled with took a picture and posted so many pictures and stories (ok, it’s good they took some photos, so I can show them to my other friends and family :stuck_out_tongue: ) . Every place we visited had to be photographed first, then filters, #, and publishing… you think that’s it? Nooo then they spent even more time checking how many likes they got! For me it’s just a waste of time!


Even though I use my smartphone a lot for travelling, I would prefer to go back to a simpler everyday phone. Unfortunately, the best simple phones that are available are typically only available in Europe, like some of Nokia’s phones, and they don’t run on Verizon’s CDMA network. I love the idea of a simple phone that can run on modern networks and that also has some innovation – like the e-ink screen. That’s legit.


Hi @Austin_Kocher, Mudita Pure should work worldwide, it won’t be limited to Europe. If I receive anymore information with regards to this from the engineering team, I’ll get back to you.

We’re so happy you like the E Ink display!


Hi @adalbert,

Living in the present moment helps us experience life to the fullest that’s for sure! I think a lot of people have started taking a digital camera with them whilst travelling, that way they can decide when they’re back whether or not they’d like to share the images. Checking how many views stories get or how many likes images get is definitely a waste of time. That’s time that could be spent enjoying the vacation instead! I’m speaking from experience, sometimes I find it hard to not share stories etc. on Instagram.


Digital detoxes are a great solution to this. They can really put things into perspective. We have some posts on the Mudita blog which might help:
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I fully we’ll know I don’t need a smart phone on my day to day walk about and exploring. I do enough research to know where I am/what I am doing. This sort of thing would help me and force me into a healthier routine, I shoot for a few Instagram accounts but I don’t post there and then I edit at home so there isn’t a need for my to scroll and watch my accounts (but I do)


One Day I forgot my iPhone at home and drove to another town roughly 20 minutes away so going back for it was not an option at the time, but I ended up taking my daughter to the park, and I remember just sitting there enjoying the moment of watching her play and have fun :relaxed: Though I did have my Apple watch on me so when I received a phone call it came threw on there that was the only distraction that day. It reminded me of the time when all we had were simple phones. I enjoyed life; as opposed to now always on my phone staying connected while at the same time being disconnected from what truly matters, life.


I need this phone thanks saved all the time looking at shitbook


Thank you for sharing your story with us @Henry_Q! It’s so great that you were able to spend a distraction free day at the park with your daughter. We hope that with Mudita Pure either as a secondary or main device, we’ll be able to help more people live in the present moment, by spending time offline!


That’s very true, social media is a major time sink! Thanks @small13038, the phone will be available for pre-order during the Kickstarter campaign from the 24th of September 2019. It will be shipped in 2020.


Everyone’s different! For me, smartphones don’t have anything I want and they have some features I actively try to avoid. I work from home and it’s far too easy for work to seep into my leisure time, so it’s nice to know that, even if I take my phone with me, I can’t possibly check my email or do “just one quick thing” while I’m hiking or out with friends or just relaxing. I don’t think it’s better or worse in any global sense, it’s just what works for me. Technology is (ideally) all about making our lives easier, and that’s necessarily going to take many different forms.