Why are you the better option?

I’m interested in Mudita Pure since I’ve been looking for a phone like this for some months now.
I’d like to know why Mudita Pure is different from Lightphone II and Punkt MP02. I mean, the goal of these three devices seems to be the same, use your phone less.
Other than the price tag and that you’re based in Poland (Europe), why should I bet on Mudita Pure?


Thanks for your question @Juan_Alcantara_Borja.

Mudita Pure is an alternative to Light Phone, Punkt, and similar devices. Our extensive battery life, music player, two SIM card slots, E Ink screen, global GSM, patented antenna and ultralow SAR value set us apart from the rest. Not to mention our incredible proprietary OS, MuditaOS, is exceptional in comparison to the operating systems of other feature phones.

You can learn more about Mudita Pure on our website. There’s also a blog post about the price.


hello there!
i’ve been on the punkt stuff since the pre-orders went up for the MP01.
I love punkt and love their ideology, it is very similar to mudita. It is also beautiful, and while the mudita is looking great, I personally don’t think anyone will top the ergonomics and artistically tasteful design of the MP01 and 02 (that remains to be confirmed mudita!). But here’s my experience…

I used the MP01 full time for 2-3 years and really loved it, however it was not made to last, and was buggy to boot, and only 2G. It broke 2 times due to normal use. I did get replacements (the customer service is top notch with punkt thats for sure.)
The 3rd time it broke, I sent it in and waited 4 extra months for the release of MP02. Was very excited for it, but boy has that phone been a headache. It constantly shuts off and requires a hard reset (about 4 times a day), goes to silent mode randomly, battery doesn’t last nearly as long as it states (only 24 hrs or less with normal use, meaning a call and text every now and then), texting is a nightmare-classic texting by pressing the buttons till you get your letter is WAY easier than the way punkt made their default text settings. easy tasks such as saving a persons number to your contacts can be very difficult and sometimes impossible…I could go on. I am really hoping they fix the software stuff, but after 2 firmware updates that hardly helped anything at all, I’m very doubtful. Feel bad to talk this way about Punkt as I admire them so much and they were ahead of the curve with all these ideas.

As far as the light phone II, I don’t believe they practice the entire ideology that mudita or punkt does- a truly distraction free and off the grid phone (no internet/gps).
i followed the light phone II on kickstarter since the launch, and while i was hopeful, it started out simpler and ended up too complex for me at the end. they are so so so good in taking in customer feedback during development but i think it wasn’t to the benefit of the phone. they are working with ride shares/mapping/spotify/etc. to get compatibility with the phone. This was a deal breaker for me. Why not just get an amazingly designed and more easily accessable apple iphone and taper down all your apps to include only what you want?

If you look through the Pure’s product page/feature page, you will see all that it aims to do, and if they do it successfully, I can assure you it will be the only one of its kind.

I will end by saying, I am VERY low maintenance when it comes to what I want in a phone and its features. All I really am looking for is a quick response, bug free phone that can talk and text fluidly, and is reliable. If the Punkt MP02 did just those 2 features properly, I probably wouldn’t have even found the Mudita Pure and wouldn’t be here on this forum.


Ok @anon32618512 and thanks for your answer. I think this is an interesting take on this kind of phones but definitely not for me, unless at the moment. It’s very expensive to be used as a second phone and the lack of important features (for me) makes me thing this is not the phone I’d use…

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That’s fine. Thanks for your feedback.