Who want's to be a BETA TESTER?

As you know, beta testing is one of the most important phases of software development because in addition to providing insight into a product’s functionality, it can also helps us better understand user experience.
We are developing some new software, which we mentioned in our previous blog: Are you engaging in unhealthy tech habits ? If you haven’t read it, what are you waiting for? :smiley:
In the blog we mention a nifty little proof of concept called Mudita Launcher & we would LOVE for you guys to try it out.
All the cool kids are doing it! Are you in? https://mudita-pure-survey.typeform.com/to/zHY7kvmH


@sandra? Perhaps you’d be interested?

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Hello @urszula , DK here from US. I am interested in this opportunity for beta testing. In my professional life, I architect systems and applications which have to be tested thoroughly and test cases documented. I believe I will be very useful for beta testing your software or hardware. If this opportunity is still available, please let me know.


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@codepear Awesome! Here’s the link to sign-up: https://choosemindfully.typeform.com/to/zHY7kvmH

Anyone else interested? @kirkmahoneyphd? @Jose_Briones? @regbarata? @rhysjones Have you signed up yet?

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I am not signing up because I already simplified my Android phone.

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I would love to have a crack at it! I will sign up as soon as I get home!

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Sorry, I don’t have any android device. I’ll be glad to help with an iOS option… :slight_smile:

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@kirkmahoneyphd You’re WAAAY ahead of the curve! Good for you!

Signed up. :slight_smile:


@Jose_Briones GREAT!

I’ll be making a video on it soon. Just need to get some reviews out of the way haha

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@Jose_Briones That’s fantastic! You can ask your viewers to join the closed beta test :wink:

Here are some screenshots from Mudita Launcher- If you haven’t signed up for the closed beta test, what are you waiting for? It’s the best a digital well-being assistant out there!

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Will it be Free Software / Open Source?

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@anon50734617 Thanks for your question. Yes we do plan on making this app Open Source. However we would like to see how the beta test goes to see if we are moving forward with the app.

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If the launcher’s focus is only on crippling the generic Android phone’s features, I think it’s a waste of resources. If the reason to develop launecher is because of the intention to make specific custom hardware with eink and touch, then it may be a good move.

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@Inflating_Clouds Thanks for your feedback. Muidta Launcher is more like a digital well-being assistant. Although we would LOVE for everyone to have a Mudita Pure, we know that it’s not always possible. There are situations when people must use Android smartphones, for work, or other purposes. For those times, there is Mudita Launcher.

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I would enjoy being a beta tester for this. I do appreciate the need for an android launcher.

Currently, I own an old android phone, but I can’t get it to read a SIM card anymore. So, I could test this launcher, but only via wifi.

I’ve been tempted to buy a Volla phone, because their OS seems intriguing in it’s design concept (minimalist, black & white, plus the springboard idea, which is novel).


However, my brother, who’s a software engineer, is encouraging me to buy a better android phone and install a minimalist launcher, etc. So, I might well go down that route, although I’m not keen to pay full price for an old phone on eBay or something.

Off the bat, I can see that the Mudita Launcher has a lot more color in it than a genuine minimalist design, in my view.