Who want's to be a BETA TESTER?

As you know, beta testing is one of the most important phases of software development because in addition to providing insight into a product’s functionality, it can also helps us better understand user experience.
We are developing some new software, which we mentioned in our previous blog: Are you engaging in unhealthy tech habits ? If you haven’t read it, what are you waiting for? :smiley:
In the blog we mention a nifty little proof of concept called Mudita Launcher & we would LOVE for you guys to try it out.
All the cool kids are doing it! Are you in? https://mudita-pure-survey.typeform.com/to/zHY7kvmH


@sandra? Perhaps you’d be interested?

Hello @urszula , DK here from US. I am interested in this opportunity for beta testing. In my professional life, I architect systems and applications which have to be tested thoroughly and test cases documented. I believe I will be very useful for beta testing your software or hardware. If this opportunity is still available, please let me know.


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@codepear Awesome! Here’s the link to sign-up: https://choosemindfully.typeform.com/to/zHY7kvmH

Anyone else interested? @kirkmahoneyphd? @Jose_Briones? @regbarata? @rhysjones Have you signed up yet?

I am not signing up because I already simplified my Android phone.

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I would love to have a crack at it! I will sign up as soon as I get home!

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Sorry, I don’t have any android device. I’ll be glad to help with an iOS option… :slight_smile:

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@kirkmahoneyphd You’re WAAAY ahead of the curve! Good for you!

Signed up. :slight_smile:

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@Jose_Briones GREAT!

I’ll be making a video on it soon. Just need to get some reviews out of the way haha

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@Jose_Briones That’s fantastic! You can ask your viewers to join the closed beta test :wink: