When can i buy a Mudita Pure?

Mudita Pure not available for purchase now.
when can i buy a Mudita Pure?


Would love to know that too. I’ve got a Pure in Black but I want the Pebble Grey so badly. When I bought it in February only Black was available.


@oyster & @nanomaron
Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we’re out of stock on the first gen Mudita Pure and we will not be restocking it. We are, now, in the process of developing second generation devices which will be available next year. We are also working on improving the software of the first gen devices as much as we can.
So, stay tuned!
I know there are some places where you can buy a Mudita Pure second-hand, if that’s something that you would be interested in. We have some members here who did this.


where can now?

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@oyster Sometimes they are available on eBay, Allegro or other resale sites. You would have to try and find one that’s in your area or offers shipping to your area.

Thanks, when will the second generation be released?


@oyster Some time next year. We don’t have a more precise date at the moment. Make sure you keep checking the forum because we usually make the announcements here :slight_smile: