What Type of Accessories?

In details regarding the Mudita Bell, there is mention that Mudita will, in the future have an online store. They talk about having some accessories for the Pure and I’m curious what some of those might be? If you can release said info, that is. Also how soon may we be able to purchase them?


@braillynn thanks for your post. I just found it. I’m so sorry for the late answer. As for right now, we have our own store, where you can buy Pure already. Soon we will reveal more interesting goods. :slight_smile:


I would like a dock for the pure. Where it can charge and/or connect to a computer to sync with the desktop app.


I wonder whether an accessory such as this – which I discovered only today, even though it has been available for four years – might be something that one day might be compatible with the Mudita Pure:


Manufacturer: https://gotenna.com/

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A small, tactile keyboard.
However, I would rather like to see it integrated in a sibling horizontal Mudita phone with a larger screen and switchable WiFi.
I ranted about that in: SSH on a feature phone with a hardware keyboard [Done it]

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This is such a smart idea. I have a dock for my Sunbeam F1 flip phone and I absolutely love it. Considering the desktop app working directly with the phone, it makes a lot of sense for home offices.