What kinds of safety/emergency features would you like to see in a phone like this?

Not sure if the Mudita Pure has any features built-in specifically for safety/emergency uses but I sure know I’d love to see:

  1. A quick way to activate a 911 call without looking at the screen. (Sure with the physical buttons pocket dialing 911 would be somewhat easy, but it’d be nice to have an option like for example: a quick triple-click of the power button to dial 911).

  2. Nice use case of GPS goes hand in hand. Sending your location to emergency services or loved ones.

What do you guys want to see?

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@textbook_quest I’m getting a feeling you REALLY like GPS :slight_smile:

Hah, that’s funny, I just searched my posts and I’ve only mentioned it a few of times here! It’s not something I use terribly often personally, but it’s not hard to see the obvious use-cases for other people.

I like it the same way I like the nail-puller on my hammer. Sure I could own a hammer without it, but it certainly keeps things simple.

Just trying to rack my brain about emergency service potentials, most involve location.

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