What GSM module / baseband modem?

What GSM module/ baseband modem have you decided to install in the pure?


I was just checking in to see if an answer is available yet. Thanks.

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@kxkx My apologies for the late response. Somehow I must have missed your question. When it comes to the modem, we would rather not do that until the launch of Mudita Pure. The selection of the GSM modem was a significant part of our development process. We can share the information about the supported bands if needed. Hopefully this helps.

One of the big deciding factors on whether I will cancel my order or not is dependent on what GSM module/ baseband modem has been installed in the pure. Every other phone I’ve ever bought has always listed what GSM module/base band modem they have put in the phone prior to their release. Every other phone manufacturer in the world explicitly lists what modem they use in the specifications. Before I buy a phone I always make sure to know what this very important bit of information is. Why does Mudita have to be so secretive?

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@kxkx Thanks for posting this in two places, to make sure I don’t miss it. :slight_smile: I answered in the previous post: Hardware switch to cut power to the baseband modem