What about healthy apps?

I wonder if Mudita wouldn’t be better with the option of accessing certain kinds of apps. I don’t use my smartphone so much for social media anymore, but I have Daily Yoga and Headspace, for example. It’s convenient so I can keep my routine of exercise and meditation while travelling. I can leave my laptop at home and have the essential apps on the phone. I think I would also include apps focused on learning, such as Duolingo or Khan Academy.


@paperm At this time, the Mudita Pure will not have internet access. I’ll pass on your message to our design team, because your idea sounds really awesome.


Thank you!

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Also worth mentioning is having a section/app for monitoring or documenting your health (eg. Clue) or just on the phone as an internal no-internet-required app. Often if someone is in an accident or has medical event happen like an allergic reaction, it can be useful to have important details available on the item that people most often have with them.

I understand things like that may just end up cluttering the device and making it counterintuitive, but perhaps a way to leave a message on the lock screen if the phone is the first thing people go for when searching for a way to help a person, or even just in case the phone is misplaced.

Love what’s been presented so far though.