We're testing the prototypes and preparing Pure for production!

We’ve decided to share our Kickstarter and Indiegogo updates with you. The updates will first be sent to our backers and newsletter subscribers, then they will be announced on our forum and blog. That way everyone is kept up to date.

The update below was first sent out to our backers on the 22nd of January 2020.

We continue to move forward with the works on Mudita Pure and we’re excited to share some news with you about our progress.

We’ve built a number of prototypes to test. Most of them are with our Engineering Team - now, their mission is to check some of the mechanical parameters, such as durability. They’re doing it creatively and have designed a little lab for testing our prototypes. Most of the dedicated tools were built in-house and we’re really proud of them!

This ‘shaker’ was made to test Pure’s resistance to… shaking. It makes Mudita Pure go up and down at a rate of 300 times per minute.

The mechanical durability tester was constructed to check the number of cycles that the USB-C plug can withstand. It goes in and out like this for hours - it’s addictive to watch, a very pleasing sight!

At the same time we’re testing the batteries to verify their capacity and longevity. It’s to make sure about the highest quality of every component we’ve previously selected.

We’re not only doing the mechanical tests. Some of our colleagues are also on a mission to test the prototypes in their everyday lives. Since the final casing is not ready yet, the prototypes still have 3D printed covers. We can’t tell how many times we were approached by strangers asking about these curious devices.

Materials and finish

No worries, we’re also making big steps towards achieving the final look of Mudita Pure. We’ve just closed the work on the design for the moulding forms. We’ve selected partners from Poland and Japan that will prepare some of the key external and internal parts.

The design team has chosen the perfect tone of black and gray (there are many more than 50 shades…). We also had to make a decision about the desired finish and define how matt or shiny the cover will be, which also influences the final color choices.

Right now the challenge is to achieve the selected color in production - mixing colorants and testing them on the chosen material.

What’s next?

In the upcoming weeks, we will be working on the next iteration of the Mudita Pure prototype. It will be the last one before the final prototype - the golden sample, that will be assembled with all of the final components.

It’s a very exciting time, as things are progressing very fast in all of the aspects, in parallel. We’re really enthusiastic and can’t wait to hold the first sample of Mudita Pure. At the same time we know how much work needs to be done in this decisive moment. We’re in the final stage of preparing Pure for the production and the following weeks will allow us to assess, when exactly Mudita Pure will be ready for shipment.

We will keep you updated about the next milestones. Thank you for being a part of this journey!

Team Mudita

Hello, when do you plan to start producing your phone?

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The minimalist phone, Mudita Pure, will be available in Autumn/Fall 2020.
We have already begun to produce it.

Congrats! Let’s hope the good work will pay off!
Do you plan on manufacturing the phones in Europe? This would be a great competitive advantage if the price remains more or less identical.

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Thanks @thierry-jura, yes, we are producing them in Poland! Our engineering team visited a number of potential manufacturers and chose the one that felt most aligned with the kind of technology company we strive to be. The price remains the same as we were always planning to manufacture Mudita Pure in Europe, it was taken into consideration very early on.