Water resistance?

I’m very interested in making the switch away from my smartphone to what I would consider a “wise-phone”, I was just wondering about water resistance. I’m not planning to drop my phone in water, but is there a base level of water resistance planned for your phone?


Hi! Welcome to our forum!
We actually like to describe our phone as wise phone or a simple phone for wise people! :slight_smile:
Regarding water resistance, we are working towards meeting the IP54 standards. This means that the phone will be water resistant. Mudita Pure should not be submerged in water but it will not be damaged if exposed to rain or splashes etc.


Hola Kasia, followup question!
Does Mudita foresee a product that meets IP68 standards?
I love having a waterproof device and ideally.
I love forgetting my phone is even on my person.
I’d love to never worry about the elements being a danger.
If not, maybe there’s a market for a Mudita phone case?


Yes, a waterproof case, if not phone, would be fabulous!

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