Watch warranty clarification

Reading through the warranty, the first sentence reads, that the warranty is “issued for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase.” This would seem to be more applicable to products purchased in person or delivered immediately. How does the warranty apply for pre-orders? For example, I ordered in August 2021, but the watch wasn’t delivered until December. I could accept a difference of a few weeks but anything over a month and it would make sense that the warranty is 24 months from *the date of delivery * which is easily confirmed by both parties through tracking and delivery data. :crossed_fingers: nothing happens, as I’m enjoying wearing and using my Moment!


@kspringer We are so glad you’re enjoying the watch! Thank you for reaching out & letting us about the discrepancy. Of course we’ll honor the warranty from the day the watch actually made available to you to enjoy :smiley:

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