Voice conversations feature in desktop app

The desktop app with feature of writing long messages on computer is very attractive, but is there technically possible in future to add functionality for making phone calls via application (computer microphone and speakers)?

Hey @jakubwojdak,

thank you for this question! Yes, it’s technically possible but requires additional work on our end. This is not something that we will be ready with for the launch date, but it’s tempting to add it later :slight_smile: It’s on our “nice to have” features list.



Glad to hear it’ll be possible :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answer. I’m cheering for the team.


Really would like to have this kind of feature, when you can connect your phone via USB or even ethernet and in the other room or even place to call via this phone, receive SMS.

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@Dmitry_Polushkin You can send & receive SMS messages on the Mudita Center app. It’s very convenient for longer messages. I will see what the plan is with expanding the features & functions.

Would it be possible to put the network connection of the phone off, and still make call, receive calls using the desktop app?

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I think @Wojciech_Cichon would be the best person to answer this question, @Kasper_Peulen

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use calling and receiving calls on the Desktop App, however, it will be possible to receive and send text messages.


MMS pictures capability too?


@jameshjacksonjr currently this is not a feature of Mudita Center, however, I think it might be a “nice to have”. Let’s ask @Wojciech_Cichon & see if this is something that can be implemented.

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Are you thinking about displaying images on an E-Ink screen? Or general treatment of all kinds of MMS messages other than images?

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@Wojciech_Cichon, I think it’s not about displaying MMS messages on the E ink, I think it’s more about seeing them in Mudita Center. Is this something that’s even possible?

correct see them in mudita center light phone 2 is a eink phone and it forwards the MMS pictures to a email address you set up on day 1 of getting the phone thats my current phone and itas nice to see what friends sent me when i get home to my laptop and not have to miss out on those pictures

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https://support.thelightphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360053145872-Image-Messages something likje this thats my current eink dumbphone not a deal breaker as i already ordered a mudita pure and a mudita alarm clock but was just wondering if something was possible


Email is exposed. Please remove and cover. We don’t want you to get spammed for life lol


@Jose_Briones GOOD CATCH :smiley:

Nice catch lol

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