Very Very Very disappointing

Hello! I am Henry Sánchez from Costa Rica, after a wait of approximately 6 months, I received my Mudita Phone with the best attitude (and the appearance of the packaging is perfect).

At first I was very happy with the cell phone, I liked its design, ink screen, however with use I began to notice defects that led me to make the decision to buy another cell phone because they became too annoying…

Below I share the errors or defects of this cell phone:

  • Very very poor reception, had no signal even in cities.
    The truth was very disappointing, at first it is very difficult to disconnect from whatsapp and social networks, and after that not have a signal? In these times it is required at least that we all have a basic signal where they can call us or send us an SMS.
    In my case, there were weeks of a lot of stress with my mudita, because I have a newborn baby and I go to work, so my wife and daughter are left alone at home, so my concern was that if an emergency occurred they would not even be able to contact me.
    On many occasions my wife tried to call me about miscellaneous issues, and she only managed to contact me 3 out of 10 times. What if it was an emergency?

  • It constantly freezes, and then reboots.
    Sometimes I’m in the car with my wife, when suddenly a message comes to my wife’s smartphone saying: Is Henry with you? Well he doesn’t answer my calls.
    So I checked my cell phone and it was frozen, I pressed buttons and didn’t react, then after a few seconds the Mudita logo appears and the cell phone restarts, after that it continues to work fine. But during all that time that the cell phone is frozen, neither calls nor SMS are received.
    This happened about 1-2 times a week.
    (And yes, as soon as I received the cell phone I downloaded the software on the computer and updated it to the latest version).

  • The speaker sounds very low.
    In a place with a lot of noise or many people, you will not be able to hear the cell phone, sometimes I noticed that they called me because of the vibration, not because of the sound.
    It’s good quality? Yes. (And the guitar rigtones sounds awsome)
    Sound loud? Nope.

  • The operating system is very slow
    Perhaps we are used to doing everything quickly, so this point is debatable, but personally it bothered me that even to unlock the cell phone you can’t do it too quickly.

Summary of my experience with this cell phone:
In my case it was a very bad purchase, a waste of money.
I was busy for 2 weeks analyzing what I was going to do, because I needed a cell phone to work and to contact my family, just when I decided to run to buy another cell phone I made the decision to return the cell phone, but surprise! Cell phones cannot be returned if 14 days have passed since you received it, of course… it was in the terms and conditions… but… who reads that?.

This other cell phone that I bought is extremely ugly, it has a poor definition screen, it is not minimalist in style, and it only cost 46$ USD but it has reception everywhere and the speaker is too loud. And it’s also 3G, just like the Mudita.

Anyway… I lost my money, but still I thank you for this place where we can freely comment on our experience…
However, I still agree with you, Living offline is better.

PS: If you live in Costa Rica and want a Free Mudita, I’ll give it to you.


I hear you about your family not being able to reach out to you in case of emergency. I had the same issue when I first purchased it so I had to return it, luckily the second time I got it to work on a network and it seems to be working perfectly today. Really sorry for you experience


I had expirience the same problem with Mudita Pure like you., and still have few problems on every week. I hope that new actualisation resolve it.

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@henrydsv Thank you taking the time to give us feedback on your experience. We are sorry that you’re not happy with your Mudita Experience. I’m assuming that you had the phone shipped to the US or another country because we do not ship to Costa Rica. That said, since we do not ship to Costa Rica, we didn’t test the phone in that region to make sure it’s compatible with the local network providers. That’s why it’s very difficult for me to even suggest a compatible carrier. One thing that I could suggest is that you get a simple call & text SIM card that is not 5G because Mudita Pure is not compatible with 5G.

Hello, yes, I have a “locker” in Miami, Florida, so that company brings it to my country.
My Sim Card is 4G.

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@henrydsv is T-mobile an option in Costa Rica? If not, perhaps try Movistar
I tested my Mudita Pure in Spain using the Movistar network & it seemed to work OK.

Same issues exactly here in Egypt.


@Amr_Osman Thanks for the feedback. As I wrote to @henrydsv, we didn’t test the phone for connectivity & network connection in countries to which we don’t ship Mudita Pure. Some networks in those countries can have network certifications. I suggest updating to the new OS & then let us know if your network connectivity has improved.

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Same experience with my device as well. The phone freezes, and reboots when you try to operate it. Many calls missed due to no good reception. When call connects, many times you don’t hear the other side clearly.


@ramamohan We’re sorry that you’re experiencing difficulties. Is this a recent change that you have noticed? Or has this been happening all along?

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This phone freezing issue, I experienced two times so far.

One time when my family called on my office landphone asking me why I’m not taking calls on my mobile. I checked pure phone if I have some missed calls, the phone wasn’t responding to any button presses, and after few seconds, phone rebooted by itself.

Second time, while I was typing in the notes app, call notification appear but couldn’t answer the call because the phone froze and rebooted.


@ramamohan We can check if this is the result of the most recent MuditaOS update because we just released the new Mudita Pure update which you can download from Mudita Center.