Using usb-C modem connected to iPad solved?

Hello everyone. I’ve been following Mudita for quite a while now and I think it may be time that I back away from the smartphone to focus on my freelance artwork and Life (especially as I’ve been becoming more aware of conscious living and meditation). One question I had was if it was possible to connect the data modem aspect of the Pure to my iPad where I conduct all my freelance art work. I saw answers on another forum post which explained it’s not possible. Not yet at least. I was turned off by that but then I thought about it for a few days and decided I may still go with the Pure. I can always do offline work on my iPad and use internet when I get back home if needed. And maybe it will be possible in the future. So yeah, just some thoughts and rearranging for me on what is absolutely necessary and what can wait. Thanks for reading!

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