Using usb-C modem connected to iPad solved?

Hello everyone. I’ve been following Mudita for quite a while now and I think it may be time that I back away from the smartphone to focus on my freelance artwork and Life (especially as I’ve been becoming more aware of conscious living and meditation). One question I had was if it was possible to connect the data modem aspect of the Pure to my iPad where I conduct all my freelance art work. I saw answers on another forum post which explained it’s not possible. Not yet at least. I was turned off by that but then I thought about it for a few days and decided I may still go with the Pure. I can always do offline work on my iPad and use internet when I get back home if needed. And maybe it will be possible in the future. So yeah, just some thoughts and rearranging for me on what is absolutely necessary and what can wait. Thanks for reading!


The main thing to remember is that the Mudita Pure doesn’t do hotspot. It does tethering. You would need to get the USB connector that also has a lightning power adapter (or USB-C power adapter if you’re using the new Pro). Assuming you did this, it might work. You can use USB-ethernet adapters with iPad, so you might be able to use a phone as network device in the same way. I am honestly not sure what the iPad is going to think the phone is though… so it will likely still fail.

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Seems like it always comes down to cost vs convenience. Personally I sold my WiFi only iPad and picked up a used 2017 256GB LTE enabled iPad Pro complete with Smart Keyboard and ended up costing just about $380, a very reasonable price. (Mint condition used iPad and Amazon Renewed keyboard)

Of course, you’d end up paying a monthly fee for a cellular data only plan, but with some carriers and MVNO’s it may not be that bad if you have access to WiFi 75% of the time. Home, Workplace, many stores/restaurants etc. I find that I can easily get by with 5GB or less. Not to mention, if you remove the data plan or reduce it from your smartphone line, it may not be a big deal.

So that would be one option!

Otherwise there are USB-C to Lightning cables (this is what charges my iPad) so the physical connection is there, but the software would be the big question. Usually iOS devices are the ones doing the tethering via USB for internet, not the client end, rather the host. So that could be an issue.

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I have an ipad mini which I intend to use as replacement of the iPhone. I use the internet via cable. It would be great that we could use mudita as modem with a lightning connection.

Some rumors say that apple will launch a new iPad mini with usb-c this fall. Perhaps I can replace the former one by the new one for a long term use.

I would like to hear from @urszula.

@urszula: There are any news about my question? :slight_smile:

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@roberto Sorry for the delay in answering this question- I was on vacation( finally able to travel) I still don’t have a definite answer as to how the tethering would work with a cable, but we do we plan on adding wireless internet tethering through BlueTooth. However, it won’t be available upon launch, it will be a feature later a little bit later.


Thanks, Urszula. I hope it doesn’t take too long, because I’ve just ordered the Mudita Pure. :slight_smile: