Using LYCAMOBILE USA sim , Pure phone is not recognizing sim

I just got my phone last week and put my Lyca mobile USA sim . I does not recognize the sim , I tried both sim 1 and 2 . does any one had same problem? I read that if band width all matches it should work?

Can you please be a bit more specific. I advise putting the SIM card in, shutting the phone off and turning it back on. Let it sit for a minute or two. After that, even if your signal shows ‘x…’ try to call your voicemail (dial 123) or just call another number and see if it works. I’ve had issues with the phone signal showing ‘x…’ all the time, but calls and texts still working. Lyca is a Tmobile MVNO, so it should work. I am on Hello Mobile which is a Tmobile MVNO.


Ive tried LycaMobile in EU and functionality with different phones varies. Used a 2G phone and it takes a few hours for it to register. Meanwhile it says “no service”. Have not been able to register Lyca number with iMessage at all, need to use the AppleID instead. No MMS capabilites.

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@John_Andersson I’m gonna try using it in Poland on my Pure- just out of curiosity. I’ve got PLAY mobile in my Mudita Pure & get 3 bars consistently.

I will update you with exact steps tomorrow. I lost the sim pin so waiting to get a new one from amazon:). I tried calling but it will say no sim message for now.

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This issue is resolved

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@jkattumgal Good to hear.