Use a custom ringtone on the Pure?

Is it possible to use a custom ringtone on the Pure? None of the ringtones that are on the Pure sound like a ringing phone. I find it hard to recognise that the phone is ringing when I use any of the current ringtones that are on the Pure (I keep missing calls due to this). I would like to have a ringtone on the Pure that sounds like a ringing phone.

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@user1 I know that the ability to upload custom audio content to Mudita Pure is in the works- (As in uploading audio to the music player) However, I will ask our team if the that audio could then be set as a ringtone.
Here’s a question to the rest of the users on the FORUM: Who else would like to have this option? Or do you like the ringtones in Mudita Pure?

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@urszula: I hope to be an owner of a future Mudita cellphone, but here’s my opinion anyway.

  • I find the the current ringtones beautiful.
  • But, I agree with @user1 that it’s difficult to notice them.

I know this because several weeks ago I grabbed a few of them from the Mudita Pure page, put them on my current cellphone, and activated one after another every few days. Although the current Pure ringtones are beautiful, I found that I did not notice them – even at full volume – when my cellphone was in another room at home or when, as another example, I was in a grocery store.

So I don’t need the function. I love the ringtones from the Pure. Especially the Koshi tones.
I would be happy if you would offer them and the alarm and SMS tones for download. Just in the sense of opensource :slight_smile:

I agree with @user1 that having a ringtone that sounds like a ringtone wouldn’t be the worst idea. I would also prefer if such a ringtone were pre-installed than having to upload it myself.

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@thilodus I have passed this on to our team. Thank you for the feedback.