Unplugged: A Day Without Meta

So, apparently there was a META outage yesterday- Users found themselves unable to load the social media apps or websites as normal. On Facebook, users found they had been logged out and were unable to get on, while Instagram refused to work at all.

I have to admit- I had no idea until someone on our team mentioned that it happened :slight_smile: So, I missed the sensation because I was busy living in the real world.

Did yesterday’s surprise digital detox courtesy of Meta have you unplugging in the most unexpected way?
How did you navigate the sudden tech silence? Rediscovered any old hobbies, or maybe had an actual convo face-to-face? Share your best unplugged moments or panic puzzles with us.

Or were you like me, blissfully unaware :slight_smile:

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Oh, so that was it. Some of my choir friends got some weird error messages on their Facebook app and they were worried that their accounts might have been hacked. I wouldn’t have known; I was working, singing and drinking beer.


Was there a outage on Meta?? The only Meta I frequently use is Whatsapp.
Facebook maybe once a week for about 10/15 minutes
Insta maybe 1/1,5 hour per week.

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