Unlocking the phone

This is another feature where I wish there was an option. I HATE having to press two buttons to unlock the phone. There needs to be an option to keep you phone unlocked if you wish too

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@cardio79 This is actually by design. Early users mentioned that when there was no UNLOCK mechanism, the phone would randomly call people because buttons could be pressed when the phone was in someone’s purse or pocket.

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ah gotcha that makes sense

This is still the case for me: if the left button is pressed twice, I’m in SOS mode, unlocking the keypad. It prevents me from setting up emergency contacts, and it drains the battery because I’m making call attempts without knowing it.

This is not at all desirable.

A common approach seen on other phones is to unlock only when the sequence “911” or “121” is used.

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@sharethewisdom Are you unable to lock the phone at all?

@urszula the phone can be locked manually and automatically. I don’t want to set a password on the phone, only for accessing the sim.

While “locked”, the left function key activates the SOS mode when pressed twice. This button is very easily pressed twice. This also gives access to emergency contacts with the navigation keys. When pressed a third time, it makes a call whatever numbers where pressed by then, or to a chosen emergency contact. It’s constantly attempting calls to bogus numbers on my behalf. That’s why I haven’t set up emergency contacts.

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@sharethewisdom Let me run this by our team. This seems to be a bit concerning the way you describe it.
So you’re saying that the NON- PASSWORD keyboard lock (the one that you press the middle key & #) can be bypassed by pressing the left key?
That’s not happening in my phone. Let me run some tests.

actually, pressing any key will show the hint Press Unlock and then # and will give the left button the function SOS.

So it 's any button → hint screen:left fn key (SOS) / nav key (Unlock) → SOS screen: left fn key (CALL) / nav key (Em. Contacts).

Like I said above, a common approach seen on other phones is to unlock only when the sequence “911” or “121” is used, which would only then show the SOS screen, and show as the number to be called.

Also, I would actually prefer not showing the hint at all, (could be a setting) to prevent the display from refreshing so often.

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@urszula can you reproduce the issue?
@cardio79 sorry for hijacking your original request about making the unlocking shortcut configurable

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