Unable to send or receive SMS on T-Mobile

Hello, and thanks for making a great product. So far I’ve only had one issue I haven’t been able to resolve. I’m a T-Mobile customer in the United States, and haven’t been able to send or receive SMS after transferring a SIM card I previously had in an iPhone. After doing some research, it appears I might need to edit the APN information as described here: BYOD T-Mobile data & APN settings | T-Mobile Support

Unfortunately their APN hostname contains a dash, which I don’t believe I can type using the current numeric keypad, as that character is not available under the “1” key. What should I do to fix SMS on my Pure so I can switch to the device full-time? Thank you.


(Just found out today) is to hold down the * key and it will show you all special characters.

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You’re right special characters will be displayed with a long press on * key, but it appears only to work for writing messages. Unfortunately, it’s unavailable for APN settings. Tried this myself but maybe you or someone else can confirm?

Checked with MuditaOS v1.2.0, the current one for Mudita Pure.

Annotation: When looking up the information about LONG PRESS for SPECIAL CHARACTERS in the Mudita Pure manual PDF, it cannot be found by a text search. You’ll note it just by reading thoroughly the manual. On page 8 there’s a matrix shown with a column named LONG PRESS and the indication SPECIAL CHARACTERS for KEY *. I guess text search for that area doesn’t work because this matrix is embedded as image not as table with text.

Checked with current Mudita Pure Full User Guide :
Modified on: Wed, 1 Dec, 2021 at 12:57 PM


Interesting. Mudita team, is there any way I can fix my APN settings for T-Mobile? I’m sure this issue applies to other customers in the US.

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@trinque I’m going to ask our tech team about the APN settings. However, please let me know if you got a new SIM card from your provider or is the SIM card that you’re using the same one that you took out of your old phone?

It is the SIM from my old phone. Should I ask them for a new one?

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@trinque Several members have posted that getting a new SIM from your provider seems to do the trick.