Two very minor suggested improvements to Mudita Harmony

I’m a proud owner of a Mudita Harmony and am very happy with it. There are literally two things I would improve:

  1. At night in an almost pitch-black bedroom I sometimes find it hard to switch the backlight on (locate the light button). The Harmony is better in every way than my previous alarm clock, a Braun BC08, except for the light/snooze button. On the Braun this is a pressure sensitive non-physical button, which is much easier to operate. Basically locate alarm clock, tap hand anywhere on top and backlight comes on. This technology could potentially be incorporated into the Harmony’s alarm on/off button. Unlike others I’m quite happy with the minimum light setting after getting used to it, but it did feel a bit bright to start with.

  2. A perennial problem related to the above is knocking alarm clocks over in the dark. The Harmony has a decent weight and base, so this is minimised, but it does feel a bit top (or mid?) heavy so can be knocked backwards relatively easily. I guess it’s the large speaker adding weight, but if this could be lowered (or the battery brought lower down/the foot shape changed?) this would eliminate this issue.

Very minor gripes for what is otherwise an excellent product :blush:


@rev_lou Thank you for the feedback. We really appreciate it. It’s actually because of feedback like yours that we create better products.

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