Tracking showing lost, contact link not working, and orders not showing (I know that is a known issue)

I’m gtg a bit concerned, Fed Ex is showing no data on tracking number, main page does not allow me to use “contact” link (says page is missing - that is why I using the forum), and Orders not showing (I understand this a known issue, but it is unsettling when the other things are not working). If it was just one of the things I would wait it out a bit, but all three at once makes me want to write in. Is everything ok over there and how do I find out status? Many thanks in advance?

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@mrm Thank you for reaching out. Can you please DM me the tracking number you received as well as your email (the one that you used to place your order). This way I can check to see what’s going on.

Same problem here: Every now and then I check my mudita account to see if the mudita pure is already on its way to me. Today I noticed again that my order is not listed at all in my account.

It is also confusing that I received three confirmations of my order on 20 March 2022. However, I only ordered once…

I would like clarification. I would also like to know why my order is still not displayed in my account.
Thanks for your help.

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