Three Types of Digital Minimalism in 2022

Here is an article I just posted on Medium about the 3 types of Digital Minimalism for 2022


I think the force of addiction is the hardest problem for most.
For me the biggest difference, was using methods that didn’t require any willpower.
I use a safe with a timer:
And I put my smartphone in it, and also I bought a little padlock to close the bag of my laptop:

And then I also put the key of this padlock in the timed lock container.

The thing is, even if I succeed to not be on my smartphone/laptop, I still feel tired from will powering it out against the battle of addiction. And if I loose, I feel like a complete failure. So basically, I always loose.
With this mechanical locked box, I feel free, creative and ready to find out what life has to offer next to the internet. I use it in the evening/early morning, and during weekends, but also sometimes during the workday, if I feel like I need some moments completely offline.


I really enjoyed your article @Jose_Briones. It kinda puts things in a nice perspective. Also, I believe that taking small steps towards being more technologically mindful helps a lot when you’re ultimate goal is digital minimalism. The solutions proposed by @Kasper_Peulen are a bit radical, but I also know that smartphone addiction is REAL & the pull to scroll mindlessly is super strong. I say, do what works for YOU. It’s a personal journey. It’s easy for me to say- oh just don’t do it, when I’ve been more in control of my screen time for a few years now, But it was’t always like this, It does take time & patience & being kind to yourself if you “fall of the wagon.”