This product is great

For years I have been mulling in my head the perfect phone. It was always something like, lowest radiation possible, hardware cell/data shutoff switch, small, good battery life, no internet(without the option at all for internet), premium build/design, and finally I stumbled upon this.

The price isn’t even bad esp. with preorder discount. It’s manufactured in Europe and the price reflects that. European workers get nice things like good wages, free healthcare, nice vacation laws and other worker protections. It’s not assembled by an army of easily replaceable Chinese $20/day slave labor.

Pre ordered immediately. I just hope this company is around for a long time. I wish they were hiring because I’d apply if they were. What a great technology company. Will be on the lookout for the alarm clock as well. Next you should do a thermostat and compete with Nest


Thank you so much for your kindness and support! You’re so right about the price, we even broke everything down in a blog post so that the product pricing is as transparent as possible.

You can always check out our careers page, as it says ‘we’re on the hunt for talented and open-minded people, who share our mission and want to make a difference!’


I totally agree about everything, including wishing they were hiring! (I actually sent them an email but didn’t hear anything back yet)

The alarm clock is really cool, and I liked what someone else said about doing a tablet that mimics real paper (less deforested trees?)

Here’s to supporting an amazing company!