The coronavirus app in Poland to check your quarantine

Now that I was replying to some privacy related posts, I thought of the following abomination:

How did the Mudita team go through this, seeing how they do not have smartphones :sweat_smile:

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That’s definitely not great. Luckily, here in Slovakia, I don’t have to use an app (it’s available but not mandatory), I just show a physical photo of the vac. status document. And the information about my location history (which usually gets uploaded to a central server when using a QR code in the app) doesn’t get collected, the people who check the document don’t write down any information.

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@nilss & @john_dumpling
This article is from April 2020- things were a bit crazy back then. Everyone was all about quarantining, isolating & contact tracing. Things are a bit different now.
In January 2021, the Commissioner for Citizens’ Rights stated that if someone has a device that does not work with the app or does not have a mobile device at all, they are exempt from this requirement. You just have to declare that you cannot comply with this requirement. End of story.
Then you get random calls from the Chief Sanitary Inspection Office asking you if you are at home. Also, the police can randomly show up & they will ask you to come to the window & wave.
At the beginning of the pandemic, I loved looking out the window when the police would show up & my neighbors would look out of their windows & wave. That’s how I knew who had covid. :rofl: :joy:
Here’s a fun video of Police having fun with their checks as well. They would do dances for kids who were in quarantine.