The Battle of the Alarm Clocks :D

Since December, we have shipped over 1000 Mudita Harmony & Mudita Bell Alarm Clocks. Many of you here have one or both of the devices.

I’m curious, what drew you toward picking one or the other? And if you have both, which one do you prefer & why?

This is my take: Initially, I was sure I was going to be a HARMONY fan, but after having both, Mudita Bell won my heart. I love it because it’s beautiful, simple and wakes me up in the morning with beautiful, light-enhanced sounds. Since I’m a HUGE fan of a consistent sleep schedule (I wake up at 6:30 every morning- even on the weekends & holidays), the fact that I just set the alarm & have to be mindful & intentional about turning it on in the evening is a huge plus. It’s part of my bedtime ritual which basically tells my brain that it’s time for bed.

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

In my case: better cost/risk ratio for Mudita Bell and faster release date.

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Am I correct in assuming both clocks can be set to illuminate just before the alarm time, to aid waking up gradually?

Does either clock gradually increase the light (simulating a sunrise) before the alarm sounds, or does the light just come on straight away, like flicking a switch?

I am undecided between which of the two to choose. I was originally inclined to choose the harmony, but the “wake-up light” could be a deciding factor for me.

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I’m not sure what you are expecting but Mudita Bell is not simulating a sunrise by any means. It just illuminates the clock face to a set level of brightness prior to gradually starting sound alarm.

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@sim8500 After using it, what do you like about it?

@sim8500 Although Mudita Bell is NOT a sunrise alarm clock, the clock face does light up gradually, right before the alarm sounds.
The sun rises at a deeply orange 2,000 K. It then transitions to a rich, golden 3,500 K.
Mudita Bell is equipped with a soft, adjustable backlight that lights up at a gentle 2,700 K, very close to that of natural sunlight in the morning.

I cannot give an opinion. Almost one month after reporting my freezing screen, I’m still waiting for the pick-up/replacement. I may understand the delay, but I cannot say that I’m happy to have the clock for one month without a resolution. Perhaps next week, as the email said.

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I have both Harmony and the Bell and I would have to say that I enjoy the Bell more because it delivers on its promised features right away and the Harmony has to realize some of the advertised features. The ability for the Bell to set the light activation setting to 10 minutes if need be is also a very welcome feature. There is currently no way to alter the 5 second Max limit on the Harmony’s light (unless I have missed something). I feel once the missing features (ability to add my own sounds and possibly the ability to play said sounds continuously) are added to the Harmony I will change my opinion due to my needs but at the point it’s the Bell for the win.

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I think I can just repeat myself from some months ago:

* overall look&feel is really pleasant, I like especially how backlight of the clock fades in/out
* set of melodies and sounds
* loud speaker
* USB-C port for charging
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Hey! I am searching since ages for an alarm clock which is beautiful, simple with gentle sounds in a good quality and without a seconds hand. I always return to Mudita Bell. It is amazing how many ugly alarm clocks are out there.

A friend ordered a Pure in January and is still waiting for it to be delivered. Is it the same with the Bell? I don’t want to wait that long.

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@regbarata I will get on this right away & see if I can speed this up for you. I’m sorry for the long wait.

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@sambucusnigra Welcome to the community! We have Mudita Bell in stock & ready to ship, so you can order whenever you like. Current delivery time : EU 1-3 working days, NON-EU 5-7 days.

@regbarata Our customer service dept informed me that they took care of it this morning.

Thank you. FedEx came to pick up the package today.

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@regbarata I’m happy I could step in to help.

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