T9 predictive text entry

I currently switched from an iPhone back to an old Nokia, and T9 texting muscle memory came back pretty quickly.

Something I’d point out is that to change case when typing you press the # key (on the right) not the * key (on the left). The Mudita Pure product pics show change case on the * key in the overview page, but on the # in the specs page.

Not sure which is the final design, but I’d strongly suggest sticking with tradition and keeping change-case on the # key. I suspect many potential customers will be switching from smart phones and won’t pick up on this difference until they have the phone in their hands and are met with frustration that their T9 muscle memory conflicts with the design.

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@pwr Thanks for pointing that out, you’re right, the render in the specs section could do with being updated. I’ve passed that on to the team. To switch between character cases you’ll be able to use *.

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Just to confirm, the phone has switched the change-case button from the T9 configuration? If so, may I ask what prompted the switch?

Actually, as it appears that # is now backspace and * is shift/change-case, there is no button to cycle between T9 dictionary word choices? This would lead me to believe that there is no T9 predictive text, but only multi-tap text entry?

Hi @pwr,
as of today there’s no T9 support, but we definitely want to do something about it. I will get back to you with more specific answer when I have more info to share.

Thank you!


Cool, thanks. I retitled the topic if anyone else wants to keep track.

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I hope that the Pure will do something that older LG flip phones and modern Kai OS flip phones do. Having the * button pull up what they deem symbols. The reason this feature is so loved is it speeds up things like emoticons because you get a list of 12 characters to choose from that you pick with the number pad! For example, 1 = . 2=, 3 = @ 4 = ! so on and so forth. The two directional buttons take you back and forth through the rest of the character set. On phones like my Kyocera and my Qin AI phone you have to use the d-pad to scroll through 6 character options at a time. It really slows down the flow of typing. I provided a photo to show what I mean. I know for longer messages they say you can connect to the laptop and use the app. Well it’s my opinion that a laptop can be just as bad as smartphone for radiation(if not worse) and a total productivity killer(being connected to the internet) so why not have the best typing experience on the phone from the get go? Hoping for predictive text and a dictionary to add words to make this phone perfect.


This is a hopeful response. Thank you.

Y’all are cool.

This reddit comment from only four days ago…

…includes this statement that caught my eye today:

My eventual goal is to port this engine to the Mudita Pure, since all the code on that phone is open source.

The reddit comment includes a link to a GitHub repository:

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@kirkmahoneyphd Thanks for sharing! This is GREAT. Predictive texting is already on our roadmap with high priority. However, this could be an option for some people until it comes out.