Suretype Keyboard And Call Blocking

I think having a SureType keyboard (ex: Blackberry Pearl or the Nokia E55) would be an excellent addition if you guys come out with a 2nd edition. It’s easier to type with and could work with the current design of the phone.

Call Blocking is a must. A lot of spam calls in the USA and elsewhere. Having the ability to block calls and text messages would be wonderful.

Also maybe an appstore would be a great addition if things go extremely well. It would let users decide how much connectivity do they need. Maybe they need a minimal phone that can also do Uber, for example.


@elgordo Thank your for reaching out to us & welcome to the Mudita community! Call blocking is available on the Mudiat Pure. As for the other ideas, I will definitely pass them on to our team.

It’s a great idea! To add, maybe two full QWERTY keyboard phones that’ll remind us all of the BlackBerry Torch and the BlackBerry Style (design wise) would be great! And they’re completely minimal and square like those Japanese phones.

You’re right, there should be an App Store that only presents a few useful apps.

If ever, what if the texting is not only limited to cellular data but on WiFi like with iMessage?

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makes me happy call blocking is available on the phone im so excited and cant wait to recekive my phone and start using it as i tryed but the light phone 2 is to small trying to type on the screen and effectively see what i wrote before sending is real rough

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I’m sorry if I’m missing something very obvious, but I cannot locate call blocking, either in the user manual, the phone, or the Mudita center. How do you block a number? Thanks!


@urszula I am also missing how “call blocking” is done on Mudita Pure. Maybe there is misunderstanding about this term? Please clarify.

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@alison_mudita & @sv3np Thanks for your question. This feature is currently not available, but it’s on our roadmap. We are working on implementing it in the future.