Support Email in messages?

Hi Mudita Team,

Will the phone be able to send and receive email?


Hi @Chris_Wall,
Thanks for your question!
No, Mudita Pure will not have an email app, so this will not be possible.


Bummer! I love the idea and concept but would need something to notify when email is received so that I do not miss anything for work


I think without email support this device is going to struggle. Email is as essential today as a phone call. I think you are missing the boat.


Please don’t enable email support! It’s easy to forward emails to text messages if you really can’t miss any emails, but it would be against the core principles of this phone to give you an incentive to check your emails on the road.


Hi @thinkround, we will not have email on Mudita Pure. Have a great day!

You are entitled to your opinion, some people would rather only check their emails on their laptop or computer, rather than on their phone. I don’t think we are ‘missing the boat’ but I appreciate the feedback.


I agree! I don’t want email support either. However, how do you forward emails to text messages? And is it possible to be selective on which emails are forwarded? For example if I just wanted work emails forwarded. Thanks!

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It would make more sense to write a Perl script that looks for ‘EOM’ and then forwards the message contained in the subject line.

maybe you can make 2 options ? one without emails and one with but not social media ? i’m the same i need emails and a calander and a phone . i don’t need face book or social media , but can nor have a phone without emails for work o would just be carrying 2 phones with me otherwise which makes the whole point mute . i love the concept and design but i it would be much more sellable / useful to have email option . it’s just a no go for many of us who would love to buy otherwise