Suggestion: interface abstraction library

While some people may want to use the Mudita specific Electron application, I would much rather integrate Mudita into existing applications I use already. All that is needed to allow people (like myself) to do this is release a simple C library to abstract the interface (no data parsing included e.g. XML). The ideal choice would be to use libusb since it itself is an abstraction to USB devices and it available for all major operating systems.

I also suggest throwing a few sample programs that are just dump information to the command line to eliminate any possible confusion on how the library should be used.

Hi @gravis,
Any PC/laptop will communicate with Pure through the serial port interface. In Unix-based systems this means that it has a special file character - so when treated as a file, you will just need a piece of code to:

  • perform open/close/read/write operations
  • support the protocol you choose (e.g. XML, JSON, etc.)

Actually we have that piece of code already written for our test harness, so as soon as we open up the code on GitHub you will be able to view how it all works.
I hope this helps :wink: