Static emmission

I noticed that most computers and phones and other electronics after 2009 emit a lot of static electricity.

I cannot stand the new phones because of this as it feels like tiny ants crawling over my skin. I have bought your phone and I really hope that the emission is not as much as the smart phones. Electricians use a earthing device that I have started using, but I am looking for electronics that are not as powerful.

How heavy is the static emitted by the phone? (The same feeling when touching an vintage TV set.)

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@Lydia_Muijen I’ve reached out to our team about this question & I will get back to you as soon as I get more info.

@Lydia_Muijen Electromagnetic hypersensitivity can be a serious issue for many people and it can cause some uncomfortable symptoms. Do your symptoms tend subside if you turn on “airplane mode” in your phone? Or do they persist all the time?
Static electricity, however, is something a little different. Static electricity is an imbalance of electric charges within or on the surface of a material. It can happen even without electronics. For example, rub your feet across a rug, then reach out to touch a doorknob or nearby person. That zap you feel? It’s charge of static electricity. Very dry air and cold weather increases static electricity, so static shock takes place more often in the winter when the air is especially dry.
Mudita Pure has the lowest confirm SAR HEAD value of any phone on the market, so if what you’re referring is electromagnetic hypersensitivity, then Mudita Pure might be an option for you.