Spare Parts for the Mudita Pure

if this question has been asked before, I apologise. I have not found anything on it so far.

Will there be replacement batteries and keypads to buy for the Pure?
This is important for the battery, of course, but I also know that the keypads had to be replaced after a few years, which was the case with the old Nokias.
It would be important just because of sustainability that you can buy such spare parts, similar to the Fairphone.


@marko Thanks for your question. We have discussed this on various threads & yes we do believe in making Mudita Pure repairable as easily as possible. We would like to make extra batteries available for sale in the future. I will ask about the other parts and get back to you.


Having a spare battery would be great!


Exactly yes, a separate purchase battery should be available as per the Mudita philosophy.

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