So how do you keep it clean? (and the case of a case))

How do you plan to keep this phone white/clean?
Jeans will stain it blue, while dust, sand, and other stuff people have in their pockets will ruin its pristine finish fairly quickly. Its all polymer after all. Usually, with smartphones you either buy a case that takes the brunt of the debris damage, while the glass screen will be just fine unless you wipe it with sand intentionally, and with feature phones you simply dont care, because theyre too cheap to care for. I can imagine, that quite a few people will think twice before spending their money on this phone just because its looks are unlikely to last. (Im one of those) Id not expect a fitting case to be available on the market either, so it`d be nice if you either provided one along with the phone, or at least designed one that is up to your standards, as an optional buy. :slight_smile:


Is this something none of your designers taken into account?

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There will be a charcoal black phone which might suit you if you’re more likely to get the pebble grey phone dirty. There won’t be additional cases as these won’t be necessary. You could use antibacterial wipes or whichever methods you currently use to clean your devices.

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Is isopropyl alcohol ok on e-ink display?

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Possibly, I mean, if you’re only wiping it down using a small amount on a microfiber cloth, I don’t see why not. The E Ink screen is protected. I know some people recommend ideally a mix of 50:50 distilled water (not tap water) to isopropyl sprayed onto microfiber. This is if it’s really dirty though, I imagine for everyday use lens wipes (the kind you’d use for eye glasses) would be OK too.


A great option would be sustainable wool cases like this with a flap over over the top

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@Felicia_Hobert we are working on very nice solutions. We are preparing several versions to choose from and they will certainly suit you. :slight_smile: There is something to wait for. We’ll be releasing more details soon.