SMS Issues with Pure

I mentioned in another post (point 20) that the Pure is reading some incoming phone numbers in the format xxx-xxx-xxxxx instead of the valid number format (without hyphens), so it’s not recognising them as a contact. It starts a new SMS conversation for that number, even if they were replying to my original SMS, so their text messages and mine are in separate conversations. This has already been passed on to the developers but I wanted to report that today I saw this happen again with a different contact, so it’s not a one-off. It makes messaging almost unusable, so I think it’s a high priority bug to fix.

It might be relevant that when I imported contacts from a vcf file using Mudita Centre, the numbers were all imported in the format xxx-xxx-xxxxx even though that’s not how they were stored in my old phone from where I exported them.

I also found another issue today, where someone replied to my SMS and their message got combined with an SMS from another person whose message I had already previously deleted. Their message text was added to part of the deleted message text.

I have sent logs.



I’ve experienced the same bug with peoples sms’s showing up in other peoples threads.
I’ve also submitted logs.

Hopefully it gets resolved soon, potential disaster waiting to happen !

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Yes, indeed! It could be very embarrassing :laughing:


@wzrd I’ve forwarded all of your concerns to our devs and they are being addressed. Thank you for sending the logs.

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Further update: the above issue occurred again today but with text messages from different SIM cards. Part of the text from an SMS received on SIM 1 was combined with an SMS received on SIM 2.