Request for a refund

Dear Mudita Team,

I sent your support team an E-mail regarding my Sending back of the Mudita Pure and requesting a refund last week and I just wanted to make sure that you received it. My message is down below.

Dear Mudita Support Team,

I received my Mudita Pure on Friday 08.04.2022. For a few days it worked just fine except for SMS. I could receive them but I couldnt send any. A few days later the Phone started acting up and I often had no reception and the phone didnt recognize my sim card at all. Now I have even problems with the calls by not receiving them or being able to make any. Im not happy with the perfomance of the Phone and I dont think that it will improve in a manner of days so I want to send the phone back and file for a refund.

Best regards,

Andreas Mitsangas

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@andym95 Hi. Thank you for reaching out. Robert from Customer Service is handling your support ticket. Last weekend was Easter Weekend- Monday was a public holiday for all of Poland, so we just started replying to all support emails & tickets yesterday. We apologize for the delay.