Relaxation sounds on Mudita Harmony

Hello! I am trying to decide between the Bell and the harmony. I have tinnitus so I use a white noise machine at night. I was interested in what the sleep tones are on the harmony. Do they all include spoken voice or are some just music/sounds? Right now I’m using rain. Do the relaxation sounds run all night or are they timed only? I do wake up a few times in the night and would need the sounds again to get back to sleep. What are some examples or descriptions of the relaxation sounds?


@jenniferthorstad Thank you for reaching out. You can check out the Mudita Bell sounds here:

Thank you! I guess my post wasn’t so clear after re-reading it! I was wondering about the relaxation sounds on the Harmony!

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The sounds are really nice, mostly nature based. There are some water based ones (I don’t think there’s rain - only streams and things like that) but they all have some bird chirping in the background. I have to double check to see if there are any without that. Right now, the sounds only run for 90 minutes max. I also need them to run all night so this is an issue for me. I still use my white noise machine because I don’t want to have to wake up every ninety minutes and turn it back on. I don’t care about the battery, I keep it on a charger. I am hoping they allow the user to let it play infinitely in the next update.


Thank you for the info! I think I may purchase the Bell for now and I hope with future updates the Harmony will have a limitless playtime for the relaxation sounds!

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@jenniferthorstad You can preview the sounds here.

Scroll down to this moment:

I included the Bell video because 10 of the 17 sounds in the Harmony are also in the Bell & the video showed how it would sound on the device.

I am in the same situation. I am currently using a 2008 iPod touch and Bluetooth speaker to play my frequency sounds through the night since the Harmony will not allow this. I hope this is added in a future update because I wanted the Harmony to eliminate the need for my current set up.

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I have some news to share. I was just informed that the ability to upload your own audio to Mudita Harmony will be available in an update before the end of Q2