Refund for Mudita Pure Kickstarter Pledge

Hi folks,

Haven’t been able to use Pure due to glitchy issues and my carrier unsupported. Are refunds being offered?

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@moon9river Thanks for reaching out. We’re sorry you’re experiencing issues with your Mudita Pure. Have you so contacted our Customer Support about this? I think they will be able to give you more info.


I posted on the forum several years ago. My carrier is unsupported though beyond whatever other issues there are, and reading through some of the recently posts it sounded like there were quite a few. I wasn’t able to do a real test drive because of the carrier and SIM issues I faced right off the bat. Is a separate ticket to customer support needed to resolve it?

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@moon9river Thanks for the info. Yes, our customer service dept handles all warranty claims & all returns/refunds. As the forum team, we don’t have access to any of your purchase data, so we can’t verify any info. Additionally, the forum is a public space, accessible to anyone, so for the safety and security of the transaction, all customer service issues are conducted with the department directly.
Yes, sometimes people do post some issues on the forum, but if it has to deal with refunds/returns or warranty claims, we always direct them to customer service. The customer service email is