Re: Group MMS Messages

I’d like to reinforce the importance of group message compatibility. In the US, the mass adoption of smartphones has changed the utility of the group message. Only years ago, group message was solely used for regular, constant group chats, which I agree can be annoying and undesirable in a minimalist phone. But since smartphones have pulled MMS group messages into one thread, indistinguishable from SMS messages, we’ve seen widespread adoption of using MMS as a means to “cc” someone on a message. Think of having an email client where you were not capable of receiving a message you were cc’d on. It would be unreliable, because many important email messages, often those of time-sensitive nature, are received via cc or bcc. Even if, in 2022, this is only common in the US, I suspect a similar approach will soon be adopted in Europe.

Some forum participants have offered that this problem can be solved if Mudita users simply notify those around them that they cannot receive group messages. This is unreasonable.

First, it is unrealistic to expect a user stay on top of making sure everyone in my personal and professional life knew and remembered to send separate messages to me without other recipients. It’s also extra work on the sender, and inevitably someone down the line would send me a time-sensitive message with another recipient and I would be unable to view it.

Second, adopting a dumbphone is obnoxious to some around me as it is. Professionally, it’s seen as irresponsible and vane. Socially, it’s seen as selfish and difficult. But I do it (I’ve used a Light Phone exclusively, all year); these reactions are the result of the lie the big tech industry has sold us: that the glowy box in your pocket is essential and requires your time and attention. If I’m going to do it, the damn thing better be able to, or at least aspire to eventually be able to, receive all important calls and texts.

V1 of the phone was a beautiful design. If you produce a V2 with functional componentry changes, to improve performance, I’d buy it. But I’m actually satisfied with the call and text quality after V1.4 on TMobile in the US. I love the OS. I love using the numberpad to text (as compared with touch texting on my tiny Light Phone). That’s why I’m taking the time to type this up - this is so close to being my dream phone. The progress your team has made is truly amazing.


I agree about group messages- but ground MMS messages are not a necessity for me. I personally hate when I get unsolicited pictures/gifs/meme that I don’t really care to look at. Group messages for information exchange- YES definitely this is useful. But picture messages I am not interested in.

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I agree with you!

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