Pure Speed Dial

I ordered the pure phone way back when the first kickstarter launched (in 2018?). I’m very much looking forward to a simplified voice communication tool. One feature I especially miss from one of my old flip phones was the two-digit speed dial memory bank with a 10-number dialer showing the standard letters under the numbers. Almost any important contact can be stored with a simple 1 or 2 digit recall associating a person’s first and/or last name with the letters on the keys. This system makes It super easy to call even seldom used numbers without first searching a contact list or pressing numerous menu keys.

Example button sequence: from default home screen simply press SEND to open the dialer and then a number for the contact… to call “Mom”, press SEND, 6, SEND. To call Neil Buckland press SEND, 62, SEND.

I’m really hoping Pure will have something like this feature. Pretty pretty please? :slight_smile:

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