Pure - how do I make phone ring when earphones plugged in?

Any phone that I use, I will always use with earphones, so that I can hold the phone away from my head when I use it. Consequently any phone that I’ve ever owned will always have earphones plugged into it, even when it’s not in use.

I’ve noticed with the Pure that, with the earphones plugged in, the phone does not ring when there is an incoming call. The incoming call is displayed on the screen and the phone vibrates, but there is no ringing sound coming from the speakers on the Pure.

I’ve had a look through the settings on the Pure and I can’t find a setting to make the phone play the ringtone out of the speakers when there is an incoming call and there are earphones plugged into the phone. How do I do this?

I’ve missed several calls so far, as I cannot hear my Pure ringing when I am in another room because the earphones are still plugged into the phone.


@user1 Our team tells me that it should not be like this. I’m going to test this out on my phone & some other ones in the office to see what I can come up with. In the meantime, can you please send your logs into Mudita via Mudita Center. Perhaps it’s a bug which our team can recreate.

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I noticed this too. But I don’t use the headphones so much, so it’s not such a big deal to me.

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@user1 Do you hear the ringtone IN THE HEADPHONES, when you have the earphones are plugged in? Or do you not hear the ringtone at all? Because I tested a few of my phones- Android, Blackberry & Pure and I noticed that the ringtone can be heard in the earphones.

@urszula Yes, I can hear the ringtone playing in the earphones.

I guess I’m just used to other phones where the ringtone plays out the speakers of the phone, even when the phone has earphones plugged into it.

In a future update, adding an option to allow the Pure to play the ringtone out of the phone speakers, even when earphones are plugged in, would be good.

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@user1 which phones did you use previously?
I tested my Blackberry Q10 & it’s definitely like you describe- prone rings out loud, even when the earphones are plugged in.

@urszula At the moment I use the Pure and a Nokia 225 4G. Before that I used a BQ Aquaris Ubuntu Edition. For work, my employer has given me an iPhone.


@user1 Our team tells me that in Android type phones, the phone does not ring out loud when headphones are plugged in. This is intentional, if you’re in an environment where you need to be quiet & not disturb those around you, but still are able to hear the phone in your earphones.

Can anyone with an android confirm this?

@urszula I’ve never used an Android phone before. I didn’t know that was how they worked.

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I forgot that I also had a ZTE Open which came with FirefoxOS on it.

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