PURE: Good Enough for Dragons

So I was walking through the rainforest this morning when I came upon a friend of mine - Wilson the purple dragon. I didn’t interrupt him because he was in conversation on his phone. When I looked closer I noticed his handset of choice… Mudita Pure!
I came back later with my camera and he and his friend agreed to pose for a photos for the forum, showing the way they choose to use their Pures. The red dragon prefers to use the speaker feature when on calls. Wilson likes to hold his in his wing against his ear as he’s a little hard of hearing.
They both love the physical buttons as dragon paws cannot work ‘smartphone’ swipe screen tech.
It’s widely known that dragons are highly sensitive beings - so if it’s good enough for a dragon, it’s good enough for sensitive people like me! :heart:


OMG! This is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while.
Thanks for sharing. :heart:

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Hehe, you’re welcome! Dragons are amazing! These are a few I crocheted recently - the purple one, Wilson, is about to fly off to his new home. I think he may have been discussing travel arrangements on his Pure…


Oh, what a delight. These are simply the best dragons I have ever seen.