Product Idea: Personal Server/Client Model

I would like to suggest a new product idea to the community and Mudita team. Imagine the next version of the Mudita alarm clock was more than just the current eink alarm clock. In addition to having the features of the Mudita Harmony, it also has a basic server built inside (e.g. raspberry pi, variant, or custom soc). This server could have expandable memory and function as a hub for many of a user’s devices. This could be where the new Mudita Center could live and could be accessed via a web browser or through certain future Mudita devices. This “hub” could store and sync all your contacts, calendar appointments, email, tasks, etc. (i.e. groupware server). Furthermore, you could store ebooks, documents, photos (think NextCloud Hub 3) or even mount storage from an external nas or home file server. If anyone has ever used Plex, you will understand the advantage with this server/client model. With Plex you’re able to access your content from an array of devices since they all just access your Plex server.

Think of a smartphone with the Mudita app on it that access their Mudita server “hub”, the mudita pure phone could access/sync all their contacts, calendar appointments, email, tasks, ebooks, etc to the Mudita “hub”. Think of a smartwatch like the Pebble (rip long live rebble) that has a sim card in it. This too could access everything from the mudita “hub”. Forget about syncing across devices and instead think of many clients accessing or syncing with the server “hub”. Think about reading an ebook from a future Mudita eink reader (or separate ereader) and then picking up where you left off on your mudita pure without any user interaction because the server/hub remembers the last page read. There are a lot of possibilities, but it all is structured around this model of having a central personal server. I suppose this server/hub doesn’t have to live inside an alarm clock, but just an idea. Thoughts?


I’m curious about this too


@extruder Thanks for sharing your idea, I have passed it on to one of the Mudita Harmony designers :D, but I would like to hear what others on this forum think about this.


I’m looking at the Mudita Bell atm, and (personal preference) I would not want any server connectivity with my alarm clock. What you’re describing sounds like a “smart alarm clock” that syncs across all devices. Don’t get me wrong, but isn’t that what Mudita is trying to move away from- that constant connectivity to every device.


It’s not a bad idea, but I don’t think that it is something that I would personally use.

Having a Mudita app for NextCloud could be a good idea though. It could allow people who are already running NextCloud to synchronise their Mudita devices with what they have on NextCloud. I’m guessing that this would require some work on the software on the devices themselves to enable this. I’ve been using NextCloud for years on my home server, but I’m not sure how many other people are running their own NextCloud instance. If there was a Mudita app on NextCloud I think it is something that I would not use either.

Personally, I like having all my computers connected to my server, but I’ve never been a fan of having devices like phones, clocks, watches, etc connected to a central server, even if it is my own server in my own house.


It’s definitely matches the “sign of our times” connecting to everything and syncing every device.