Problems with mudita pure phone

Hello again,
some of the questions I had earlier solved thanks to the forum.
Im still trying to get used to my mudita pure phone.

A thing that really confuses me is the following fact:
When the phone is switched off completely it just needs to be pressed once on the upper right button to turn on! This can easily happen when the phone lies in my bag or elsewhere.
ALSO, when its switched off and Im connecting it via cable to load battery, it turns on by itself - just by sticking in the cable! ? ! ?

Today I received an sms which was obviously uncomplete and the end of the message missing. How can this be?

Today I received a first call via mudita pure. To be honest, the sound quality was really bad and not clear, rather hurting in the ear. I dont really understand why it is such a bad sound quality and Im quite dissappointed by this.

Another point is that today in the morning at 8 am the phone battery was fully loaded. Now at 16:50 pm there is already one akku-line/string gone, although I hardly used the phone during the day.

Grateful for any help.

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@yuccpalma: I have not yet received my Pure, but I have seen several comments about call sound quality. Now I wonder whether the customers who experience this problem are on a particular cellular technology. Would you happen to know whether your Pure was using 2G vs. 3G vs. 4G LTE when you got such poor quality?

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Hi, thank you for the reply. How can I find out what LTE my Pure was using?

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@yuccpalma - Are you saying that you know for certain that your Pure was on 4G LTE and not on 3G and not on 2G when you got such poor quality?

@yuccpalma Thank you for reaching out. I’m sorry that you’re experiencing problems. The good news is that our devs are currently working on improving the issues with the battery life & call/text stability. It’s included in the new MuditaOS update, which is scheduled to be released next month. Regarding the call quality- how often is your call quality affected? Is it once in awhile or all the time, as in- every call?
Also- when you get a chance, could you please send logs from your Pure to Mudita via Mudita Center. Here are the instructions: How to send logs to Mudita via Mudita Center

This helps the devs pin point the issue & come up with a solution.


Sorry, but I dont understand you. No, Im not saying this.

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Hi Urszula,
thanks, that sounds hopeful. The usability of the text messages is really something to be solved, meaning that IMHO one should be able to read/see the full text message/sms and not first click/ mark it to be able to see everything. And as I mentioned, even then I was in some cases not able to make everything appear, so some messages stay imcomplete and unread.

Regarding the call quality it seems to me that its not a matter of network, but simply the speakers that dont give a clear sound! :frowning: I dont experience a difference from call to call. Its just uncomfortable in the ear since Im using the highest volume level to not miss every call (due to the low sound level of the ringtones).

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@yuccpalma Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback.
Whenever, you are experiencing unusual issues with your Mudita Pure, please make sure to send logs to Mudita via Mudita Center. This is crucial for our team to pinpoint where there problems are so that they can implement fixes.
Regarding the SMS issues- our team is working on resolving this.
The good news about the battery life & call stability- the new MuditaOS, which will be released next month, will greatly improve battery life & call/text stability.

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A new Mudita Pure OS update is coming next month. In it, we plan on implementing the following improvements:

  • Further improvements to the life of the battery in Mudita Pure. Our goal is to optimize the performance and improve the longevity of the battery.
  • More Bluetooth improvements to allow Mudita Pair to be paired with devices more smoothly.
  • HFP (Hands-Free Protocol) implementation fixes
  • Additional bug fixes to ensure better device functionality
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@yuccpalma I got some info about one of your observations regarding the fact that the phone turns on when you plug in the phone in:
Both those behaviors are correct and work as designed.

  1. Powering on by USB connection is determined by HW design and can’t be changed in this product.
  2. Turning on by pressing one button can indeed happen in random situations, however, it is as designed and one-click power one is the most usual solution for popular phones.

OK, thank you for the info.
Its just not finding an end. Yesterday, several hours again with an “x” instead of network. Today as well, very instable network. And now even the notification on the phone, that theres no simcard in the phone. Which is not true. So its somehow not recognized. And then still the really bad, noisy sound quality when answering a call.
I mean, its just really dissappointing, sorry not to find other words. Shall I send logs every day, or. how is it thought to be handled.

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Also: 2 times already when someone called me their number was shown as “private number”, although the number is in my addressbook! Then, the suddenly I dont hear anything and the connection is interrupted.

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@yuccpalma Please send your logs to Mudita vis Mudita Center so that our devs can pinpoint what the issue is with those phone numbers not showing up & the audio quality. I will also report this issue to them right away.