Privacy and microphone

Can the microphone on the Mudita phone be easily removed? I’m concerned about privacy. Edward Snowden says he removes the microphone in his phone and uses an external microphone, as switching the microphone off does not ensure privacy. When I asked Mudita Business Development Specialist, Daria, about this, she wrote: “There is no possible way that microphone is controlled by the modem. Simply - it’s not directly connected. Removing the microphone is probably possible (provided that someone has some experience in soldering & proper equipment). But that’s nonsense since any voice packet from the microphone to the modem has to be processed by MuditaOS. And since MuditaOS is open-source anyone can audit source code and build his own firmware being sure about 100% privacy.” I don’t know enough about it, but
it seems to me that Edward Snowden is a highly intelligent person who knows what he is talking about. Thoughts?

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Some of Snowden’s advice is not for everyone. Take a step back and remember consider your threat model. The privacy-security rabbit hole will take you places.

If after consideration you still want to have a removable microphone there are phones with hardware switches: the pinephone and Purism’s phone, for example.

I hope you find what you are looking for, but don’t go too far down the rabbit hole. There are strange characters down there

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