Pre-Order Shipments

I’m just curious, when all of the kickstart and Indigogo backers get their phone, will our shipment statement change? At the moment, mine just says on hold.


At least a ball-park time frame would be good to have, communication has been pretty sparse on the shipment updates.


I have a feeling the reason we haven’t heard anything substantial is they aren’t exactly sure when everyone will receive their phone…
I’m more curious at this point how many have been shipped to date and how many total shipments will they be making.


@nbindra & @cazz I’ll try to get some numbers for you. I know we were aiming to put out a batch schedule for the coming weeks, so you guys would know how many are being shipped out every week without having to ask.


Hello. Can we know how many phones have been delivered yet ? Cause you must have that kind of information, and that could give us an idea. The shipping has started the 30th of november which is three weeks ago exactly.

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Hi urszula. Any information on when the Mudita Bell will ship? I ordered 2 to give as Christmas presents, feeling hopeful since it said they’d ship in December. Haven’t yet heard anything. Thanks!

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Like this is what’s concerning me. The Status is approved, I paid for it on 10/26/2021, and it still says on hold. It’s making me worried, Like I don’t even know if I’ll get this phone in February, the same time all the other buyers will get it. I don’t know maybe I’m just being a little weird about it

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@kimwest Thanks for your question. We are actually starting to ship today. We’re going to announce it officially this afternoon. Both Mudita Moment & Mudita Bell are in stock & ready to ship.

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@j0nnyblast Thanks for reaching out. We are currently fulfilling our Kickstarter/Indiegogo orders. We plan on starting to ship eCommerce orders early next year. To be fair to everyone, shipments are being done chronologically. We communicated this in both our OCTOBER update, Final NPI Update & in our communication when we started shipping.

@philmonge We were hoping to scale up production & to be shipping approx 300 phones per week by now. However due to that navigation button issue, which we reported earlier (It has since been resolved- but we are proceeding cautiously) we are just under 50/wk. We are working on increasing it after the holidays.