Pre-order on Mudita website

Hi there,
I just discovered that we can pre-order the Mudita Pure on your website, which I was waiting as I prefer than Indiegogo :slight_smile: but there is no delivery to France :frowning:
Is there a plan to add it soon ?
Thanks !


Hi !

It has been added :slight_smile:


Hi @renardresilient ,
Thank you for checking this information for @anon43546428 .


Thank you Mudita team ! @renardresilient @tiffany


Hey @anon43546428, sorry for the confusion!
We are in a soft launch phase for the ecommerce (It is available just for a part of the visitors), so we can quickly find and fix bugs that may appear. We want to make sure everything works well before we increase a volume of visitors. :slight_smile:
Thanks for letting us know the error, itโ€™s fixed. :smiley:
Have a great week!


Hello from Romania! Is there any way to order equipment and get to my country and city? Say that because I have not yet found Romania as a country where you can order in Europe. As I exclude for transactions, what is the secure way that allows me to get your products to me in these conditions and also in the shortest time for delivery? Thank you


Hi @ratzioan!
Yes, we definitely deliver to Romania!
Thanks for spotting itโ€™s missing! Iโ€™ve passed the issue to our development team.
I will let you know once itโ€™s fixed! :slight_smile:
All the best!

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Hi again @ratzioan!
You can already pre-order Mudita Pure to Romania!